About us

The company UMWELT-ELEKTRONIK GmbH has been founded by Eckehard Schauz (Ing.) in Geislingen / Steige and is since 2018 part of the group HANTSCH SAS in Marlenheim / France.

Our know-how is technology for control of composting plants and measuring systems for all these products. We have several international references and do all engineering for plants between 6,000 to/y up to 100,000 to/y – worldwide.

UMWELT-ELEKTRONIK GmbH is your partner for all questions of underground ventilation systems for compost, control units for measurement of oxygen and temperature in compost and all engineering for civil construction, odor control and better quality of your compost.

Due to perfect ventilation the rotting process is very fast and you receive high quality products. which can be used in gardening, landscape purpose and agricultural cultivation.

We offer key solutions for compost plants, recycling of bio waste and are representative for the company ATRITOR (GB) and their Turbo Separator for depackaging of products.

Umwelt Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG Ingenieurgesellschaft



Seitenstraße 47
D-73312 GEISLINGEN/Steige