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The company Umwelt Elektronik GmbH & CO.KG, [Environment Electronic Ltd.] in Geislingen, Germany, was founded in 1994.

The owner and CEO is Mr Eckehard Schauz. Public appointed and sworn in expert for the government in the above fields from the year 1992 to November 2013.

The Umwelt Elektronik GmbH & Co.KG develops and produces electronic measuring instruments and control engineering devices for composting plants, waste deposit sites and waste water treatment plants, etc. The developed products for the measuring instruments and controlling technology are unique on the market.

The company also prepares expert opinions and quality criteria for existing waste treatment and composting plants and their products.

The Umwelt Elektronik GmbH & Co.KG operates today worldwide and has local partner companies in several European countries. The Umwelt Elektronik GmbH & Co.KG has provided the technical plans, the measurement and regulation technology as well as the fully automated control units for different biowaste treatment plants of hugely varying requirements, conditions and sizes (between 6.000 t to 100.000 t of waste material per annum) in most European countries as well as in P.R. of China.

The system of Umwelt Elektronik GmbH & Co.KG produces highest quality sanitized compost, which in turn can be mixed with other ingredients to produce for instance top soil and be sold for landscaping, gardening and agricultural production.

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