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May 2020


In France near Strasburg we started in May 2020 together with our customer LINGENHELD a new plant with a capacity of up to 11,000 to/y of green waste and digestion material for dry composting.
In several BIODOME® tunnels, the material is dried and rotted. The outgoing air is cleaned by vertical biofilters and the process control is made by technology of UMWELT-ELEKTRONIK.

Avril 2020

UMWELT-ELEKTRONIK in Slovaky      

In Slovaky there were 3 projects for treatment of green waste realized in cooperation of HANTSCH S.A.S and Umwelt-Elektronik with the electronical control unit and a local engineering office. Each plant can treat up to 4,700 to/y in completely closed BIODOME and the outgoing air is sucked by ventilators and cleaned by biofilter system.

The probes OWS109 and the control unit designed by UE allow an optimized regulation of oxygen and therefore short and good rotting in all plants: RUZOMBEROK – BARDEJOV – PRIEVIDIZA

Start up of the first compost plant in Colombia

With our partner KONTROLGRÜN based in Colombia we built a composting plant for about 18,000 to/y and started it successfully.
This plant is equipped with our control unit COMPO-matic. The regulation of the ventilating system has been proved with excellent results and showed that our preliminarily calculations were correct.


Battery-Powered Radio Probes

 Our lately developed radio probe with rechargable battery has been tested successfully on different plants. We offer our combined probe CWS for oxygen and temperature – our probe TMS is only for measurement of temperature. The advantage of this radio probe is the transmitting of the data without a cable directly to the capture modules. They send the data via bus cable (if necessary fibre optic cable) to the central control unit which is connected with a PC. The charging of the batteries is inductive and first test showed an operating time of 4 – 6 weeks.


Oxygen Handheld Measuring System CM 38

We improved the mobile measuring system CM37 and offer now CM38. With this unit it is possible to save data and to transmit them with a special cable directly to a PC. As an option you can safe data automatically to adjustable times. We have now a bigger LC display and the measured data can be shown as a diagram.


Compost testing plant in Colombia

Together with our partner KONTROLLGRÜN in Medellin we installed a test installation on a poultry farm called Aves Emmaus. The excrements, green waste such as flowers and sisal were mixed and we could prove that the by UE controlled oxygen system for composting can reduce significantly smells as well as sewage water and the compost rotted faster with better quality.
We also tested our system on a sugar cane farm – with very similar results.


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