The TURBO SEPARATOR is a very solid manufactured machine for depacking of products and for preparation under wet or dry conditions


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UMWELT ELEKTRONIK GmbH is the exclusive representative of ATRITOR (GB) for the German market.
If you have wrapped groceries (e.g. bread / sandwiches…) that have to be recycled due to spoilage or reached date of expiry, or if you have waste of restaurants or canteens – the TURBO SEPARATOR opens plastic bags, PET bottles, tins, plastic drums or cardboard packaging with high throughput und without shredding the packaging. The product leaves the TURBO SEPARATOR through adaptable sieves, the packaging material is separated at the end of the machine.
If necessary, you can add liquids (e.g. water / beverages) to the process, to clean the packaging material (e.g. from ketchup/honey) and to pump the product to the ongoing system. The product can be used in digestion plants or can be composted (hygienisation).

More than 250 TURBO SEPARATORS are installed all over the world. Even plaster boards can be recycled with high throughput capacity. 

The conveyor screws are made in solid steel construction, we can also offer them in stainless steel.
We can offer tests with your specific material in our test plant near Birmingham (GB).
If you are interested, please send us your information, including expected yearly throughput and product specifications. If your project is not situated in Germany, we will be pleased to forward your inquiry directly to ATRITOR (GB).


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Example input material

Example output material


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