Rotting control system COMPO-matic®

Our rotting control system COMPO-matic® is a complete measuring- and control-system to optimize the rotting factors oxygen and temperature during the rotting process. The single components are:

By means of only one measuring probe that makes over the whole length five tmeperature values available and is equipped with a special oxygen sensor in what one more temperature sensor is integrated, the oxygen content and the temperature profile will be measured directly and continously in the decomposition material. Furhter the hygienic mark in centimetre measuring depth will be determined, which is vital for the assessment of the hygienisation corresponding to the temperature protocol of the Federal Community of Composting.

Our decomposition control system COMPO-matic® also can be combined with our oxygen probe OWS 105 (only for oxygen measurement) and/ or our temperature profile probe TMS 106 (only for temperature profile measurement) if required.

Data sheets to download:

Advice: Acrobat Reader necessary.

Measuring point registration module ME 100

The measured data will be sent to measuring point registration module where the data are changed into digital format and sent via a data-bus-network to the central unit.

Central unit ZE

A central unit evaluates the signals of all connected measuring registration modules and controls the ventilators for every measuring point. With this integrated aeration control it is possible to regulate oxygen and temperature automatically in dependence on the real requirements.

With one central unit the regulation up to 16 oxygen- and temperature- measuring points at the same time is possible.

Visualisation program

Graphics module

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